Dear Researchers in Immunology,


The board of the Asociación Chilena de Inmunología (ASOCHIN) is pleased to invite you to join ASOCHIN as an Active Member. Based on what is defined in Title II, Article Seven, of the statutes of our Association, it is considered as Active Member those «Chilean and foreign individuals, who hold a PhD degree and are engaged in basic or clinical research in the Immunology field or related areas. Active Member may also be those professionals who do not have a PhD degree, but who demonstrate active research in the field (publications and / or participation in research projects).


We extend the invitation to principal investigators, postdoctoral researchers, senior researchers and young researchers in the area of ​​Immunology that meet the requirements established by the ASOCHIN statutes. To request their incorporation you must send by email to with the following documents:

  1. Application form – Download
  2. Short CV according to ASOCHIN guidelines. Download


Once your incorporation is accepted, you will be asked to make an annual registration payment, corresponding to CLP$ 60,000.



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