Asociación Chilena de Inmunología

The purpose of the Association is to promote studies and research of a theoretical and experimental nature, leading to the progress, communication and dissemination of the Immunology and related disciplines, as well as any other initiative involving the use of this branch of life sciences for the benefit of the community.

The past April, 28 the annual meeting of ASOCHIN took place in Curauma, Valparaíso. Near 200 participants attended a full day of more than 20 talks organized in three symposia, the inaugural conference (Dr. Norberto Zwirner, Argentina) and the closing lecture (Dr. Eduardo Villablanca, Sweden). Chilean investigators and students presented almost 100 posters.

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Curso IUIS-ALACI-ACCAI Inmuno-Colombia 2021 graphic

Curso IUIS-ALACI-ACCAI Inmuno-Colombia 2021

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Webinar ASOCHIN  “Estrategias Inmunológicas para el Tratamiento de COVID-19 en Chile” graphic

Webinar ASOCHIN “Estrategias Inmunológicas para el Tratamiento de COVID-19 en Chile”

Dr. Marcelo Navarrete, MD. PhD. Laboratorio de Detección COVID-19,...

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III Anual Meeting ASOCHIN 2020 graphic

III Anual Meeting ASOCHIN 2020

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Respuesta inmune a Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 graphic

El SARS-CoV-2 es un tipo de coronavirus que causa la enfermedad COVID-19, la que puede llegar a provocar una falla multiorgánica. Descubre más información viendo la infografía, aquí

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agosto 7, 2020
SARS-CoV-2, ¿Cómo nos defendemos? graphic

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mayo 19, 2020